Steve Birchall's Statistics

Name Steve Birchall Hours 70.48
Pilot ID WLS076 Flights 25
Hub EGFF Distance Flown 3933 miles
Rank Captain Last Flight 13 Days ago
Hire Date: 12/12/2018 Last Flight Date 05/23/2020

Career Bio

Steve Birchall joined Air Wales Virtual 541 days ago and is based out of the EGFF hub. Steve was given the Pilot ID of WLS076 and currently holds the rank of Captain. Steve currently has 25 flights totalling 70.48 flight hours. Steve's' last flight was on May 23, 2020, 13 days ago. Steve has earned £ 727.99 since joining Air Wales Virtual on December 12, 2018. has also earned 1 awards flying with Air Wales Virtual.

Steve Birchall (Hired 541 days ago!)

Steve Birchall's Landings Stats

Smoothest Landing -89 ft/min
Average Landing Rate -370 ft/min
Hardest Landing -867 ft/min

Awards (1)

    Has been promoted to Captain

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
WLS103 EHAM EGFF B737-800 (G-WLKD) 01.05 23/05/20 Accepted
WLS102 EGFF EHAM B737-800 (G-WLKD) 00.58 01/04/20 Accepted
WLC48 EGAA EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 01.10 24/02/20 Accepted
WLC47 EGFF EGAA SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 01.05 14/01/20 Accepted
WLC46 EGNX EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 01.07 15/12/19 Accepted
WLC45 EGFF EGNX SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.54 14/10/19 Accepted
WLC16 EGJJ EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.47 11/10/19 Accepted
WLC15 EGFF EGJJ SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 01.03 10/10/19 Accepted
WLC6 EGBJ EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.32 21/08/19 Accepted
WLC5 EGFF EGBJ SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.40 03/08/19 Accepted
WLC4 EGFE EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 00.42 13/06/19 Accepted
WLC3 EGFF EGFE SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 00.43 21/05/19 Accepted
WLC2 EGFH EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.18 29/04/19 Accepted
WLC1 EGFF EGFH SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.24 09/04/19 Accepted
WLC2 EGFH EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.28 31/03/19 Accepted
WLC1 EGFF EGFH SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.36 09/03/19 Accepted
WLS123 LPPT EGFF B737-800 (G-WLKD) 02.58 24/02/19 Accepted
WLC11 EGFF EGNS SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 00.57 11/02/19 Accepted
WLC8 EGTE EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 00.18 29/01/19 Accepted
WLC7 EGFF EGTE SAAB 340A (G-WLKT) 00.21 27/01/19 Accepted
WLC2 EGFH EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.24 27/01/19 Accepted
WLC1 EGFF EGFH SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.14 10/01/19 Accepted
WLS100 EGFF EBBR B737-800 (G-WLKD) 01.00 31/12/18 Accepted
WLS103 EHAM EGFF B737-800 (G-WLKD) 01.03 16/12/18 Accepted
WLS102 EGFF EHAM B737-800 (G-WLKD) 01.01 13/12/18 Accepted

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