Giles Baldwin's Statistics

Name Giles Baldwin Hours 14.51
Pilot ID WLS210 Flights 16
Hub EGFF Distance Flown 3216 miles
Rank First Officer Last Flight 121 Days ago
Hire Date: 05/17/2020 Last Flight Date 05/24/2020

Career Bio

Giles Baldwin joined Air Wales Virtual 129 days ago and is based out of the EGFF hub. Giles was given the Pilot ID of WLS210 and currently holds the rank of First Officer. Giles currently has 16 flights totalling 14.51 flight hours. Giles's' last flight was on May 24, 2020, 121 days ago. Giles has earned £ 259.87 since joining Air Wales Virtual on May 17, 2020. has also earned 0 awards flying with Air Wales Virtual.

Giles Baldwin (Hired 129 days ago!)

Giles Baldwin's Landings Stats

Smoothest Landing -116 ft/min
Average Landing Rate -325 ft/min
Hardest Landing -547 ft/min

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
WLS29 EGFF EIDW DASH 8 Q400 (G-WLAC) 00.44 24/05/20 Accepted
WLS158 EGFF LFPG DASH 8 Q400 (G-WLAC) 01.08 24/05/20 Accepted
WLC44 LFBZ EGFF DASH 8 Q400 (G-WLAD) 01.47 23/05/20 Accepted
WLC43 EGFF LFBZ DASH 8 Q400 (G-WLAD) 01.39 23/05/20 Accepted
WLS24 EGPF EGFF DASH 8 Q400 (G-WLAC) 01.07 22/05/20 Accepted
WLS23 EGFF EGPF DASH 8 Q400 (G-WLAC) 01.02 22/05/20 Accepted
WLS16 EICK EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.52 21/05/20 Accepted
WLS15 EGFF EICK SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 01.09 21/05/20 Accepted
WLC16 EGJJ EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.39 21/05/20 Accepted
WLC15 EGFF EGJJ SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.43 21/05/20 Accepted
WLC16 EGJJ EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.41 19/05/20 Accepted
WLC15 EGFF EGJJ SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.45 19/05/20 Accepted
WLC10 EGHI EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.28 19/05/20 Accepted
WLC9 EGFF EGHI SAAB 340A (G-WLKU) 00.31 19/05/20 Accepted
WLC38 EGBB EGFF SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.44 18/05/20 Accepted
WLC37 EGFF EGBB SAAB 340A (G-WLKS) 00.52 18/05/20 Accepted

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