Company Stats

Active Crew: 38
Total Airline Hours: 8,867
Flights: 3,160
Flights Today: 0
Aircraft in Fleet: 22
Active Schedules: 335

Aug's Smoothest Landings

Ian M.B738-43 ft/min
Ian M.B738-87 ft/min
Ian M.B738-103 ft/min
Tom H.DH8D-108 ft/min
Ian M.B738-138 ft/min
Ian M.B738-139 ft/min
Ian M.B738-167 ft/min
Simon G.B738-185 ft/min
Ian M.B738-185 ft/min
Ian M.B738-191 ft/min

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About Us

Welcome to Air Wales

Welcome to the Air Wales Virtual Operations Centre. Here you will find everything needed to begin and continue your career with Air Wales Virtual. Login (or register if you haven't yet joined!), find your flight and dispatch it with our integrated SimBrief system. Fire up our flight tracking system, FlightTrack, and let's go flying!

Live Flights

Recent Flights

WAC331Ian MillerMMUNMPTOB737-80002.18-354 ft/m
WLS32Tom HurstEGPHEGFFB737-80000.55-264 ft/m
WLS31Tom HurstEGFFEGPHB737-80000.55-352 ft/m
WAC661Ian MillerKPSPMMUNB737-80004.22-87 ft/m
WAC744Ian MillerYPPHKPSPB787-917.18-328 ft/m
WAC773Ian MillerVTBDYPPHB787-907.17-221 ft/m
WAC668Ian MillerWSSSVTBDB737-80001.59-138 ft/m
WLS134David JacksonEGFFLOWIB737-80001.35-289 ft/m
WLS32Tom HurstEGPHEGFFB737-80001.02-1094 ft/m
WAC009Ian MillerEGPFWSSSB787-912.23-444 ft/m

Crew Online

There have been 0 user(s), and 1 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

All of our crew are currently offline

Recent Activity

WLS168 Ian Miller has filed a PIREP from MMUN to MPTO View Flight Report

WLS142 Tom Hurst has filed a PIREP from EGPH to EGFF View Flight Report

WLS142 Tom Hurst has filed a PIREP from EGFF to EGPH View Flight Report

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Pilots 1004
Controllers 144
Obersevers 27
Supervisors 3
Total Online 1249

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